DTG Printing

What is DTG Printing?

DTG stands for Direct To Garment Printing. The Image is Digitally Printed Directly to the Shirts Surface using a Specially Designed Printer. Direct to Garment Specializes in Highly Detailed Production Runs. 

DTG inks are Water Based and More ECO Friendly. This Process Helps Eliminate all other Chemicals, Materials, and Waste used in Traditional T-shirt Printing. 


    By eliminating all the set up involved with color separations, films, and screens, we are able to turn orders between 7-10 business days.


    Minimums starting as low as 25 per design. Eliminate costly Inventory liabilities and start ordering the units you need at affordable prices.


    DTG Printers are as consistent & precise as…well…a printer! High quality images printed consistently each time you order!

High Quality Prints

Our DTG Minimum Order is 25 Pieces

We Provide ALL Garments

Large Selection of Colors and Styles

We Do Print Samples at Our Sample Rate

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